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Who We Are

We are the #1 wholesaler for PAU YUEN TONG in the US since 1996. Now We are concentrating on retail sales and we will bring our customers the best prices possible by slashing present pricing. Soon you will find us on Amazon and ebay. New and exciting products to come.

A little bit about our product

PAU YUEN TONG BALM is not just another numbing cream. In fact, it heightens sensitivity and helps you to boost your muscle control so you can have more control of your orgasm. With practice, you will be able to master the art of being able to cum when you want to.

Applying a thin film (do not over apply, start with smallest amount) of PAU YUEN TONG BALM to the head of your penis, will heighten sensual pleasure and increase staying power during sex. When you are ready, look out! You're going to erupt in orgasmic euphoria!

Tong Balm is made using a blend of potent Chinese herbs to help delay ejaculation and prolong erections with increased sensitivity and vitality in men. It is said that the ingredients in Tong Balm stem from an ancient Chinese recipe, that men have been using as a topical sexual aid in China for centuries. The ingredients of Pau Yuen Tong Balm are all natural consisting of: ginseng, cloves, brandy, aloe wood, aromatic oils and petroleum jelly. Email Product questions to: